Occupying one of central London’s most prestigious locations, this 10,000 sq. ft. penthouse overlooks every landmark – adjacent to Hyde Park and next to Harrods, it is the finest apartment recently completed in London.

The designer Nico Rensch was set an array of very challenging design tasks such as locating a stainless steel and glass swimming pool on the 4,000 sq. ft. terrace, specially manufactured in Switzerland under Broadland Construction stewardship.

Other features included 40cm wide and up to 15m long wide oak flooring planks that would span the entire length of the open plan rooms. The bathrooms were a world first, combining innovative technology with minimalist design, executed in beautiful stones. The baths show no visible inlets or outlets, and there are no taps or physical controls. The open plan layout of the apartment required that the kitchens to be concealed when not in use. This flexible design allows catering at the highest level when required.